Games by nmkd are currently only tested with a Surface 3 which has the same chipset.


Game FPS/Cap Notes Tester
Battle Mechs 40/40 nmkd
Cactus McCoy 30/30 nmkd
Cactus McCoy 2 30/30 nmkd
Chronotron 20-30/30 nmkd
Happy Wheels (DEMO) 30/30 Some drops, but 30 fps most of the time nmkd
Laser Cannon 40/40 nmkd
Little Wheel 15-25/30 Playable nmkd
Mega Miner 20-25/30 Go to Controls > Play to start in Flash Player nmkd
Sprocket Rocket 30/30 nmkd
Super Mario 63 20-30/30 Demanding, but playable nmkd
Timemu 20-30/30 Many Emus can cause framedrops nmkd
Treasure Seas Inc. 35/35 nmkd
Weltallwars 10-25/?? Kind of playable... nmkd
William and Sly 2 50-60/60 nmkd

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